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Current “Smooth Criminals” Series

Sundays at 9:30 & 11am

Be on the lookout! There are slick, underhanded thieves who want to rob you of everything good in your life. If they are not apprehended, they will sneak into your heart and steal your joy and peace. Join us this Sunday at 9:30 or 11am as we uncover what these Smooth Criminals are and how God’s Word can help us stop them.


Have You Been Baptized?

Water Baptisms, September 29 at 11am

The experience of water baptism is one of the most significant moments in any believer’s life. It’s a public declaration of your decision to follow Jesus Christ and honor Him as Lord & Savior of your life. It’s also an illustration and celebration that you’ve been MADE NEW.

On Sunday, September 29, the whole church will be together for one service including water baptisms. If you would like to be baptized, sign up at the Welcome Center this Sunday and attend a brief meeting after either morning service on September 22. You will receive instructions and get all your questions answered.


One Service & Fall Picnic

Sunday, September 29 at 11am

On the last Sunday of September, we will get the whole church family together for one big service, followed by a free picnic on the front lawn. You don’t have to bring anything or do anything, but it would be really cool if you did! Sign up this Sunday to volunteer before, during or after the event, and/or make something for the picnic lunch.

So, come worship with us at 11am on September 29th, and hang around for a delicious lunch afterward, along with some fun and fellowship!


“People” Global Reach 2019

Sundays, October 13 & 20, at 9:30 & 11am

From Genesis to Revelation, it is clear that God desires all PEOPLE of all nations to know and worship Him. And yet there are still about 7,000 unreached PEOPLE groups in the world today who have never heard the gospel of Jesus Christ. God calls all of us to have a role in and be a part of global missions. We are all participants in the bigger story, in God’s plan to bring redemption to all PEOPLE.  How can you join in?

When it comes to missions, we have many ways you can be involved in having an impact on the nations. During Global Reach 2019, October 13 & 20, you will hear about excited things God is doing around the world and how you can get involved.


Men’s Midweek “Gideon” Study

Wednesdays at 7pm in Room 106

When we meet Gideon, he is in hiding from the enemy, feeling insecure and inadequate. But when God speaks to him, He calls him a mighty warrior. Gideon’s epic victory show us how God can your our weaknesses to unlock His strength.

Pastor Tim invites you to join him on Wednesdays from 7-8pm and begin to see weakness as a gift God wants to use to showcase His power in your life.


“It’s Not Supposed to Be Like This” Women’s Study

Wednesdays at 7pm in Room 103

Ladies, have you ever struggled with the fact that your life doesn’t look the way you thought it would? Maybe you have this feeling that circumstances, relationships, and finances should be better than they are. And underneath it all, you’re disappointed.

Yes, disappointment is a feeling we all have but few of us know how to process it or find God’s goodness in the midst of it. This study will help you stop being pulled into the anxiety of disappointment by discovering how to better process unmet expectations and painful situations. You’ll begin moving forward with peace and confidence, assured that God’s Word holds the answers you’re looking for.


Regular Service Times: 9:30 & 11am

Be our guest and discover firsthand why so many in northeast Atlanta look forward to Sunday at Evangel! We have two Sunday services at 9:30 & 11am with excellent nursery care and fun children’s ministries.


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